Electrical, Plumbing and Insulation

It feels like it’s been ages since I’ve put up a post. Oh, wait. It has. Just about a year to be exact. It’s now winter again, and it’s hard to imagine we were in the throes of this massive project this time last year working in the frigid rain. It was about this time Mike began hassling me about my dwindling blog performance. When we started this project, I was ignorant of the time, effort, and stamina it would require.  The tiny house was all-consuming. There was little energy for much else, for instance, this blog.

For those who are unaware, the tiny house was successfully completed in early August of 2017, and I am happy to report living in the tiny house for the last five months has been, for lack of better words, like coming home. For the first time in my life since moving out of the house I grew up in, I feel like I have a true home again. This entire house was built by Mike and me. Everything in this house was chosen by me. In essence, this house is me: simple, low maintenance, a little rustic.

Now that the house is done and I’ve had some time to breathe again, I am eager to finish out the write up on the rest of the build. So, if you’re interested in seeing the interior process, please read on!
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We have a roof! And windows!

Before we knew it, it was already September and many of our weekend days were booked up for the next two months with birthday celebrations and various engagements. We tried to make up some of that time by having Mike stay on the island during the week so we could work on the house after work. In case you’re wondering, yes, it was terrible working on the house after a day’s work with our real jobs. But, we had to Continue reading “We have a roof! And windows!”